Professional Services


Grace K. Morris offers a selection of business and personal services, with
a variety of options.

Stock Survey

A review of your business portfolio with individual stock recommendations
and analysis.

$170.00 USD per stock.

Company Profiles

A complete package that includes your company’s incorporation chart detailing the strengths and limitations of your business and the outlook for the coming year. In-house consultation and presentations are available. For more information please see our
dedicated business website:

Personal Consultations

Improve Communication with Yourself and Others

Let Grace Morris add to the quality of your life!

  • Strong, solid relationships are built on good communication, and the process starts with a thorough understanding of yourself. To get along with others, you need to first get along with yourself!

  • Grace Morris can help you improve the process no matter where you are along the path. A psychotherapist and professional astrologer, Grace uses your birth information as a diagnostic tool. She helps you understand from whence you came, where you are and where you are going.

  • Grace starts with a birth chart, examining the key events in your early years and especially the effects of your parental relationships Adults continue to wrestle with negative messages from one or both parents long after they have left home. In fact, if you have unresolved issues, parents can continue to affect your life negatively long after they are gone.

  • A review of current patterns and cycles and a preview for the year ahead are among the other helpful information Grace provides.

    Personal Consulation: $350 USD

Let Grace K. Morris help you:

  • Resolve past issues and move forward with your life
  • Correct poor timing (personally and professionally)
  • Set and reach goals
  • Take charge of your life

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