The Apollon Group featuring the Apollon Report.

The Galactic Trader is designed to meet the needs of traders and researchers at all levels of planetary knowledge, performing basic Planetary Harmonic Price analysis, or sophisticated historical research functions, all in an intuitive, easy to use format.
The Fibonacci Trader is an end of day charting program for trading stocks, commodities, options and index markets.
Lillian Bjorseth is the author of the Breakthrough Networking: Building Relationships That Last and Nothing Happens Until We Communicate.
The International Society for Astrological Research.
Kepler College offers a Bachelors and Masters degree in Astrological Arts & Sciences.
National Council for Geocosmic Research
David Burton's
Commodity Hedging Company PTY LTD
Tim Bost
Arch Crawford
Joyce Levine
Online College
Ray Merriman
Georgia Stathis
Bill Meridian – Cycles Research
Manfred Zimmel,
German financial astrologer
Dr. Al Larson
Schogt Market Timing  
Traders Libary
United Astrology Conference